Sparks  (18 months - 3 years)



Our Sparks (18 months - 3 years) room provides exceptional care for children in a safe and caring environment, ensuring that the children are able to enjoy, achieve, stay safe and be healthy with a safe and monitored sleeping area.


At this age, the room is full of energy with opportunities for children to experience a wider range of carefully selected activities and resources to stimulate their ever-growing minds.  Fresh air is a vital part of the day and we will head out into the playground or garden each day no matter what the weather to allow children to experience different conditions. Activities will also be ongoing in the outside environment as well as time for the children to run around and have some fun. 


Planning is centred around the different interests and needs of the individual children with lots of opportunities for free flow play as well as adult-led activities. The planning is developed to keep the children interested and engaged in activities and resources that we have to offer and help them to continue to develop and progress their skills and confidence. With the planning and activities in place, the team will be able to obtain written and photographic observations recording their achievements and new skills. 


In this room, we will also support toilet training and encourage your child to be as independent as possible in their toileting needs. Towards the end of their time in the Sparks room, the staff will help prepare them for the transition to the Flames room encouraging independent choices and boosting self-confidence and awareness.